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Welcome to Blom Leadership 

Come join Brenda for your executive  journey
Blom (pronounced bloom) is of Swedish origin; means "to flourish & grow" 

Blom Leadership is founded by Brenda Blom. (Yes, one “o”).

We provide a thinking space for scaling leaders to reflect on their mindset and game plan.

We offer a comprehensive suite of executive coaching and leadership development services designed to elevate organizational performance. With a focus on fostering transformative growth, Blom Leadership specializes in tailoring programs to meet the unique needs of senior executives, high-potential managers, and emerging leaders across various industries.

Drawing on years of experience and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, Brenda Blom's approach integrates cutting-edge leadership theories with practical, results-driven strategies. Blom serves as a hub for clients to explore service offerings, access valuable resources, and gain insights into Brenda's proven methodologies for unlocking leadership potential and driving sustainable business success.

Blom Leadership Coaching is dedicated to helping people love what they do and be their best selves.


We offer several consulting and coaching solutions.

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Founder/Co-Founder Identity and Alignment

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Executive Coaching and Management Mentoring

Discover your strengths, find new strategies for your obstacles and get to the bottom of barriers that you didn't realize may be in your way.

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People and Culture Development and Management

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What Others Are Saying

"Brenda facilitated impactful learning experiences where she thoughtfully balanced scientific theory with real-world applications. What made Brenda’s workshops so valuable was not only her strength in researching best practices, but also her ability to ask powerful questions during debriefs. As we know, asking those challenging and curious questions at the right time is how you spark change – this is one of the many reasons why organizational development is Brenda’s calling. Any individual, team, or organization would be lucky to work with her."

Graeme Tutt, Organizational Development Specialist, TSG

Mountains in Clouds

"The inner work of leadership depends on the heart "the place where intellect and emotion and spirit and will converge in the human self."

Helsing, Howell, Kegan, Lahey

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