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Blom is prounounced bloom; Swedish origin; meaning to flourish and grow

At Blom Leadership Coaching, we believe that we discover our inner leader and calling when we embrace a mindset of curiosity. We are passionate about supporting individuals at all levels to maximize their impact and ability to thrive.

About BLOM Leadership

What is your company about?


Where is BLOM located?

BLOM is based in greater Hartford Connecticut, USA but Brenda works with clients remotely in the US, Canada and in Europe.

What services does BLOM provide?

Executive Coaching and Leadership, Team and Organizational Consulting.

BLOM specializes in one-on-one career transition coaching for students, mid-career individuals, creatives, and executives, managers, and teams. We also provide organizational consulting to create aligned people and culture practices. 

Organizational Psychology

What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology (I/O)? 

Organizational psychology is a subfield within psychology that focuses on understanding human behavior in workplace settings. Organizational psychologists apply psychological theories and research to improve the performance, motivation, job satisfaction, and well-being of people within an organization.This advanced understanding of human behavior in the workplace provides organizational psychologists with highly relevant skills and expertise to excel as leadership coaches and consultants. Their academic background directly equips them to work effectively with executives, teams, and organizations.


Career Transition Coaching

My coaching using an integrative approach that uses assessments to help discover innate strengths, skills and personality aspects that are integrated into practical needs.  Our approach is to build self-awareness and while also learning about new avenues for pivoting in new directions.

Leadership Coaching

What is your leadership coaching approach?

My coaching uses an integrative approach drawing on organizational psychology, systems thinking, and mindfulness techniques. The focus is on bringing more awareness and agility to your leadership.

What outcomes can I expect from leadership coaching?

You can expect increased self-awareness, improved communication skills, greater leadership agility, and more effective collaboration. This leads to enhanced engagement and productivity.

How long is each coaching session?

My standard coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes, conducted over video call 2-4 times per month. 


Organizational Development Consulting

What types of organizational consulting do you provide?

We help organizations with leadership strategy, succession planning, change management, team development, workshop facilitation, and more.


How do you tailor your consulting approach?

We always start by understanding your culture and objectives. Our goal is to deliver customized solutions that produce sustainable results.

Can you provide examples of Industries you've consulted for?

We have experience working with organizations and leaders across a diverse range of industries. Our clients have ranged from emerging leaders to CEOs and executive teams in professional service practices.  


Get in Touch

I'm interested in learning more. How do I get started?

Contact us through our online form or by emailing We offer a free discovery session to understand your needs.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We look forward to connecting.


With over 25 years working in talent management in different industries, and a master's in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Brenda brings a unique perspective to conscious and agile leadership.


Originally from the Midwest, Brenda recently moved to Connecticut after having called Vancouver home for the past 25 years, where she raised two grown children. Now Brenda continues her leadership coaching and consulting work remotely and locally. When she’s not coaching, Brenda is a practicing visual artist and enjoys being outdoors exploring the East Coast on a paddle board.

FAQ's About Brenda 

Q: How did you get into leadership development? 

A: I fell in love with psychology and personality type as a teenager by reading everything I could about Meyers Briggs Personality Type.  After working in several organizations in strategic human resources, I realized I had a talent for developing and advising leaders and went back to school to get a graduate degree focusing in leadership development.  


Q: What is your "why"?

A: I am obsessed with helping people connect with their purpose and personal development.  Leadership roles are challenging and important, when leaders thrive everyone thrives.  So when leaders can be the best version of themselves and can learn new ways to be effective as a leader, then everyone wins.  It’s rewarding to be apart of the journey of people learning about themselves and feeling more empowered.  I like the field of organizational psychology because it is about helping organizations create learning environments for people to flourish so businesses can thrive.  

I want to help leaders thrive so they can can better help the world thrive.  


Personality and Strength Assessments

Including “Industry Recognized” Lumina Spark, Lumina Team, DISC, Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Clifton’s Strengths.

I/O Psycholgogy Research

From the field of business psychology and strategic HR to build agile organizations and leaders.

 Coaching with Neuroscience Backed Methods

Create rapid and lasting change using the heart, mind and soul.

Conscious Leadership Practices

Self-awareness techniques that enable leaders to perceive themselves, connect with others, and guide organizations with wisdom.


Universal higher power wisdom applied and integrated into holistic transformational work

Vaclav Havel

"The salvation of the human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human modesty, and in human responsibility."

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